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Men's Outfits

Since its establishment, Coloc has been supplying quality garments to Asian ministers, foreign dignitaries, ambassadors, expatriates, and professionals from both Singapore and abroad. This is not surprising as Coloc is a member of the Singapore Master Tailor's Association, and is recognised as an quality clothier by the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board and the Consumer Association of Singapore. It is also an authorised dealer in quality fabrics from world renown European and Japanese designers and textile merchants. Among the thousands of fine fabrics stocked by Coloc are brands such as Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Cerruti, Scabal, Fintex of London and Trussardi.

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Mail order service is also available to regular customers who reside outside of Singapore as Coloc keeps detailed records of all its clients. Simon explains how this works. The client will normally specify a particular colour, design, pattern and brand of fabric and Coloc will send swatches of materials for selection and approval. When the material has been decided upon, the suit is made up as per the measurements on record. When it is ready, the suit is despatched to the client by secured mail.

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Ladies' Outfits

In addition to making suits for men, Coloc also designs custom-made dresses for women. A Shanghainese seamstress specialises in the art of turning fine silk, soft cotton and linen into beautiful Cheong Sams (Chinese evening dress) and other costumes for all occasions.

Over the years, Coloc has been actively involved in fashion shows organised by local art and design schools such as the La Salle School of Fine Arts and the Nanyang Technological University. Coloc also tries to improve public image of the tailoring industry in Singapore by sponsoring specially designed clothes to the Media Corporation for use in locally produced drama serials, and for news-presenters to wear while on-air. In addition to the manufacture of fine clothing, Coloc provides its clients with professional advice on colour co-ordination, and styles and designs for different occasions and different climates.

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Coloc is also known for designing smart and charming uniforms for hotels throughout Singapore and South-East Asia. In fact, some of the elegant uniforms seen at Raffles Hotel are produced and supplied by Coloc.



No clothing store is complete without accessories, and Coloc is not the execption. Silk scarves, neck ties, gold-plated blazer buttons and cuff links, braces, belts as well as ladies' costume jewellery are available in every Coloc outlet. Ready-made suits, blazers, shirts, blouses, skirts and dresses are also available. These are not just any off-the-peg items but are the "house brand" collection as they are all made by Coloc's expert tailors and seamstresses in their centralised factory and speak of the same quality and finishing as the custom-made items.