Ladies' Outfits

In addition to making suits for men, Coloc also designs custom-made dresses for women. A Shanghainese seamstress specialises in the art of turning fine silk, soft cotton and linen into beautiful Cheong Sams (Chinese evening dress) and other costumes for all occasions.

Over the years, Coloc has been actively involved in fashion shows organised by local art and design schools such as the La Salle School of Fine Arts and the Nanyang Technological University. Coloc also tries to improve public image of the tailoring industry in Singapore by sponsoring specially designed clothes to the Media Corporation for use in locally produced drama serials, and for news-presenters to wear while on-air. In addition to the manufacture of fine clothing, Coloc provides its clients with professional advice on colour co-ordination, and styles and designs for different occasions and different climates.